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A 100% Natural Range


Over 3,000 farmers and animal fodder producers throughout the EU have placed their trust in us. Our main operations are geared to:

  • agronomy, phytotechnology: forage plants, cereals, oilseeds, protein crops and fruit, vegetable and vine cultivation
  • livestock breeding: cows (milk, meat), sheep, goats, horses
  • intensive livestock farming: pigs, poultry, rabbits

The organic and/or mineral diversity of our products and their balanced composition go to ensure:

  • considerable improvement of the soil structure
  • superior rooting and plant nutrient supply
  • higher yields and enhanced product quality
  • greater resistant to dryness and fungal infestation
  • optimisation of input costs and
  • better digestibility and flavour with both food and fodder!

Usine de Kervellerin offers a range of 100%-natural products in three different versions:

  • powder
  • granulates
  • compacted.

Our core brands include: Lithocéan®, Lithorga®, Thalassil®, Lithophys®, Carbazote®, Novazote®, Thalassol®, Ostrecal®, Aminogène®, Glénor KR+® …