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Solandy West
Solandy West
Solandy West

Custom-made soles

Most sports put a strain on your feet. It is on this basis that Salandy West has developed a solution that allows you to benefit from more comfort in the practice of your physical activity. By perfectly conforming to the shape of your feet, your soles offer you optimized support. You are better maintained in your shoes which reduces friction, shocks and vibrations.

If the extracts of oyster shells are already used for the manufacture of spectacle frames, they are now infiltrating… the shoes of athletes. The young company Solandy West, located in Lorient, has indeed developed soles made from oyster powder. "They are produced only to measure, so that they can perfectly match the shape of the foot", explains Eric Mariotto, its founder. It obtains its raw material from the Kervellerin factory which transforms 4,000 tonnes of oyster shells into powder each year. Solandy West then goes through the company Nanovia, which creates filaments used for the production of soles, all made from 3D printers. “These soles keep the foot perfectly in the shoe, which limits blisters,” he explains. Each sport has a specific design of soles intended for runners, cyclists and triathlon enthusiasts.