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Gulf Week
Gulf Week

Jeudi 25 Mai 2023

Gulf Week

More than 800kgs of oyster shells collected

During the week of the Gulf, the agglomeration wanted to test the collection of oyster shells in the catering areas of the various ports. with nearly 800 kg of shells recovered, this experiment is encouraging. The shells will now be processed by the Kervellerin factory. This operation responded to a triple challenge for the agglomeration: reducing the volume of household waste, developing a circular economy by recycling waste.

Shells transformed by the Kervellerin factory

Based in Cléguer in Morbihan, this factory managed by Martine Le Lu transforms oyster shells to integrate them into very different outlets in order to promote the circular economy. The plant produces between 3,000 and 4,000 tonnes of shell fragments and grains each year.

Locally, the company has been associated with the Ostréapolis project under construction at the Tour-du-Parc by participating in the development of a material used on the exterior paths. This project includes the development of a large outdoor square with the implementation of 710m² of concrete produced from oyster shells, saving 20% of noble materials from quarries.